Scenes from the Niger Delta town of Sanghana, including portraits of Chief Reuben Javan.

I return to the Niger Delta under a foreboding sky filled with rain clouds that shroud a burning hot sun. It has been seven years since I was last here. I have returned to work on a film about the village of Bodo, which experienced two major oil spills...


Scenes in the Domiz camp for Syrian refugees just outside of Dohik, Iraq on November, 23, 2013.

May 05, 2016

The Photo Festival Circuit

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Amman, Jordan to attend an exhibition of my work on Syrian refugees at the 5th Edition of the Image Festival. I had the immense pleasure of working with the dynamic and unstoppable Linda Al Khoury. She is the organizer of this...

Brian Crothers, a teenager from Belfast's working class Protestant neighborhood of Tiger's Bay, keeps his night-time protection safely within reach in Belfast, Northern Ireland on July 11, 1989. He lives within two hundred yards of a Catholic estate that staunchly backs the IRA.

April 28, 2016

Imperfectly Invisible

For those contemplating the life of a photojournalist, beware the personal challenges and questions that await you. I have spent a lifetime trying to become invisible. As a documentarian my goal is to disappear, to observe without disturbing the world I’m trying to capture. It is obviously impossible to actually achieve this,...

Scenes of daily life in Nicaragua during the war with the Contras, four years after the 1979 Sandinista revolution.

Boy soldiers play chess with bullets at a military outpost in Matagalpa province.

April 14, 2016

Nicaragua Unbound

My first time visiting Managua, Nicaragua in 1983 was only my second trip to a country in the developing world. I traveled with a group of American doctors from San Francisco who were going down to provide medical support to the newly victorious Sandinista government, which had overthrown the...


April 04, 2016

Life Framer Interview

Curious about what projects Ed has been working on and how he prepares for them? You can head to this link to check out an interview Ed did with one of the writers at Life Framer about working in Central America and India. Life Framer does a series of monthly...

true chic apparel

March 31, 2016

VII Flash Sale!

In celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, VII has announced their 3rd flash print sale! This unique opportunity to purchase signed prints by VII photographers on the theme of motherhood and mothering. For one week only, beautiful prints by For one week only, prints by Antonin Kratochvil, Danny Wilcox...

Malek Jandeli posterframe 2

March 16, 2016

PDN Storytellers

The winners of the PDN Storytellers contest have been announced. This new photo contest “provides a platform for narrative photography, from documentarians bringing important context to contemporary history, to photographers finding interesting stories to tell in their own backyard.”   Among the winners two Talking Eyes Media (TEM) films...


March 15, 2016

National Geographic Smartphone Photo Workshops

In 2016, Ed Kashi will be teaching two National Geographic Photo Expedition Workshops on the subject of Smartphone Photography in New York City. The course dates will be June 4th & 5th, and October 29th & 30th. Registration is now open for both sections of this two-day expedition! This...


March 08, 2016

Newest Americans Awards & Screenings

Two award-winning Newest Americans short documentaries, Notes For My Homeland  and We Came And Stayed, continue to garner praise and attention from new audiences! As noted in the latest Newest Americans newsletter, “Notes has been selected for the Black Maria Film Festival’s Jury’s Select 1st Prize, and We Came...


March 07, 2016

Photo Aesthetics Interview & Palo Alto Workshop

You can click here (or visit the link below) to read a piece about an interview Ed did with Mark Dubovoy of Photo Aesthetics. Photo Aesthetics is a website that focuses on exploring creative and technical aspects of photography. They produce and curate excellent photographic content and provide interesting insights. This...

Because of Them We Can

February 25, 2016

Newest Americans films in 2016 Garden State Film Festival

Two Talking Eyes Media films, We Came & Stayed and Notes For My Homeland, have been selected for the 2016 Garden State Film Festival. The Festival will take place in Atlantic City, NJ from March 31st to April 3rd, 2016 and will feature a wide array of independent films from many different...

Maroko Evictions

February 15, 2016

Maroko Evictions Trial

“In old Maroko everybody live according to their standard. You see most problems that are confronting people here today education, no schools, no good roads, no better housing, no where children can go to have their play or have their meal there.” In July 1990, more than 300,000 people...


January 27, 2016

Storytelling with Mobile Photography on CreativeLive

Ed Kashi (VII) will be teaching an online CreativeLive course, “Storytelling with Mobile Photography” on March 1, 2016 from 12:00PM – 5:00PM. “Momentary, stunning lighting on a landscape. A toddler’s first stuttering attempts at standing. An interaction between strangers on the street strikes you as unexpectedly poignant. There is...

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.44.52 PM copy

January 22, 2016

Newest Americans Issue #2

The second issue of Newest Americans has dropped! “Issue 2 of Newest Americans looks at the University Heights neighborhood of Newark in the 1960s and today, as development money flows into the city on a scale not seen in half a century. Why is University Heights so central to...


January 07, 2016

VII Mentor Program Accepts 5 New Photographers

“VII is pleased to announce the next roster of photographers to join its lauded VII Mentor Program, an education initiative launched in 2008 to provide professional development for emerging photographers whom VII consider to be among the brightest new talents in the industry.” From the over 300 applicants from...


January 05, 2016

Nat Geo: Photos that Inspired Change

“Photographs show us places and things we will never see in person, they express conflict in a visceral and enduring way, and they can be transformative. Photographs can cause us to think differently or move us emotionally, and sometimes they can even propel us into action,” Jessie Wender writes...


December 10, 2015

Dysturb: #ReframeClimate for #COP21

As a part of COP21 in Paris, France, Magnum Foundation and #Dysturb are teaming up to present #ReframeClimate. Large scale prints of 25 images related to climate change have been pasted on public buildings and facades throughout Paris. These compelling documentary images were used to bring climate change into visual...


December 08, 2015

Three Year Mentored Visual Storytelling & Documentary Photo

Ed Kashi (VII) and Jim Estrin (NY Times Lens) will be teaching a long term mentored workshop with AndersonRanch Arts Center. The curriculum of this three year program on Visual Storytelling and Documentary Photography  is designed to help advanced photographers bring their vision to life by pursuing their own...


December 04, 2015

All At Once – Visual Storytelling with VII

You can join 16 VII photographers in Barcelona this coming June! VII is holding their annual meeting at the Villa Maria just outside Barcelona, Spain from June 9-13, 2016. It will be an action-packed weekend of master classes, portfolio reviews, workshops, lectures and much more. Different VII photographers will...


November 25, 2015

CreativeLive’s Black Friday Sale!

    CreativeLive​ is starting Black Friday early! Now through Sunday, they are running a special to get 25% off ALL online classes! This includes the courses taught by VII Photo Agency photographers Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, and Ed Kashi. Ron and Ed taught a class during CreativeLive’s photo...

Sugarcane - Kidney Disease

November 20, 2015

Sugarcane & Kidney Disease work featured in The Guardian

The Guardian has published a series of Ed’s photographs of sugarcane workers in Nicaragua and El Salvador alongside an article that details how heat stress is leading to thousands of chronic kidney disease deaths. Sugar cane cutters are dying on a large scale in Central America from chronic kidney...

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