‘From Enemies to Allies’ on MSNBC

“Sometimes, innovative solutions to social challenges are born in the most unlikely places. In Kisumu, Kenya a surprising approach to HIV prevention relies on building bonds two unlikely groups: police officers and sex workers,” Julie Winokur of Talking Eyes Media (TEM) writes. Kisumu, Kenya has a history of police abuse of sex workers, including extortion, physical, and psychological abuse. “Through a novel approach, a local NGO called Keeping Alive Societies’ Hope (KASH) has fought to reverse that trend by building better relationships between these former adversaries. By offering training programs, HIV testing in the red light district, and even volleyball games, KASH hopes that it’s approach will prove more effective than promoting condom use.”

Shot by cinematographer, Jessey Dearing, and produced/directed by Julie Winokur, this recent film, “From Enemies to Allies,”  by TEM was featured on MSNBC this week. Read more and watch the film on MSNBC.

Your Shot: How Close Can You Get?

Ed Kashi (VII) was recently an editor for a National GeographicYour Shot assignment titled, “How Close Can You Get?” Ed explains his personal connection with this assignment, “[it] is particularly important to me, as it reflects my personal approach and, in a way, the human being I am. I love getting close to people and learning as much as I can about their lives. This not only helps me in my work, but it also informs the person I naturally am.”

Photo © Mina Delic

Today the results of the “How Close Can You Get?” assignment were posted, featuring some of Ed’s favorite submissions along with notes and comments on some of the images. Ed opens the assignment story by saying, “…thank you to the Your Shot community, which is impressively engaged and committed. It’s inspiring to see so many folks out there who love photography and, regardless of skills and experience, use photography as part of their daily lives.”

View the “How Close Can You Get?” assignment story to join the conversation, engage with a selection of images, see a slideshow of Ed’s top picks, and read editor’s notes.

Foreign Policy: “The Uprooted”

Two decades after an official cease-fire between Azerbaijan and Armenia, hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis remain displaced. In 2013, Ed Kashi (VII) traveled to Azerbaijan to document the plight of Azerbaijan’s refugees and IDPs. Yesterday, Foreign Policy posted an image gallery online, showcasing a selection of images from this work, titled “The Uprooted”.

Photo©2013 Ed Kashi/VII

The text accompanying the gallery explains “One woman [Ed Kashi] met, Reyhan Kerimova, has made her home in an underground bunker that her family dug out themselves. ‘The Azerbaijani government has made significant strides to build new housing,” Kashi says. “But for some, like Kerimova, the conditions are still very difficult.’”

Photo©2013 Ed Kashi/VII

This online feature accompanies a selection published in the July/August printed edition of Foreign Policy. Check out the image gallery online here.

Photo Contest: Azerbaijan – Sport in Focus

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) has just announced the call for entries in a photo competition in honor of the inaugural European Games 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The photography competition “Azerbaijan – Sport in Focus” is open to both amateurs and professionals.

“The theme will be Azerbaijan and sports in order to celebrate the sporting culture in Azerbaijan ahead of the first European Games, to be hosted in Baku in June 2015. All types of photographs are welcome to be submitted – the only criterion is that the photos are related to sports and Azerbaijan.” Participants will have the chance to win a trip to Baku, iPads, and tickets to European Games, along with the opportunity to have your photography exhibited around the world.

Photo©2014 Ed Kashi/VII

This photo competition will be judged by world-renowned photographers Ed Kashi (VII), Philipp Rathmer and Agdes Baghirzade. All submissions must be sent in by Oct. 26, 2014 17.00 GMT. Please find terms and conditions here.

SDN: An Interview with Ed Kashi

SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) has just published an interview with Ed Kashi (VII) discussing “his work in Nicaragua, his first crowd-funding, and how he sees photojournalism changing, from Instagram to other opportunities — and challenges — lying ahead.”

Photo©2013_Ed Kashi/VII

Kashi reflects on the changes in photography over the course of his career, “the digital revolution changed everything. We all knew it, but we could never have anticipated how rapidly things would change. At the same time though, there are so many opportunities now, coming from all sorts of different places: audio, video, shooting with your phone’s camera – you just need to be flexible and adapt and be able to reinvent yourself.”

Read the full interview on SDN here. You can also view an online gallery featuring more of Ed’s Nicaragua images here.

Photo©2014 Ed Kashi/VII

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