December 12, 2011

Ed is a fan of Peter DiCampo’s “Life Without Lights” project and urges you to check out Peter’s Kickstarter site. Crowd funding has become a critical source of income for socially aware work. The beauty in crowd funding is that the public — you — can have a hand in what stories are being told today and participation in this project begins at only $10.

In Peter DiCampo’s own words:

“I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next two chapters of the project, on the dramatic rise of household energy bills in the UK and the dire effects of Energy Poverty on women’s health in Uganda. I’ve got only [ten days] remaining to reach my goal – allowing me not only to add new stories, but also to contribute a voice on this important issue. 2012 is the UN’s International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and they have invited me to exhibit my work at key events throughout the year. It’s the rare and vital opportunity to share the stories of people I have photographed with policymakers and world leaders.
Within the international debate, the most vital voice – the voice of the afflicted – is often missing. Your help in funding this project will allow me to continue collecting stories and voices of Energy Poverty from around the world and contribute them directly to the dialogue on energy’s future. The rewards you will receive as thanks for your donation include fine art prints, solar lights by D.light Design, and exclusive updates on the project – and for those of you in the energy sector, the rewards are even greater.”

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