Multimedia Link To Check Out!

This is a very interesting site that mixes all kinds of work. The Iraqi Flipbook is included, but so much more. And it’s been put together by an extraordinarily talented motion graphic artist, Jody Sugrue, who works in New York. The Pulp

December 13, 2006

A Personal Letter About My Work

I hesitated to put this up on my blog, but got permission from the writer so I figured it was OK. I am deeply touched by this reaction to my work and it’s one of the inspiring aspects of devoting myself to the life of a storyteller who cares...

December 11, 2006

On Assignment with Los Angeles Paramedics

For the past week I”ve been working on our latest documentary, which is about the access to healthcare crisis in America today. The situation is troubling at best and continues to defy any humane logic. The incentives of our healthcare system run counter to common sense, what’s best for...

December 06, 2006

New Comment on the Iraqi Kurdistan Flipbook

This note came in from Denise O. Mangen, a photographer, student and educator at NYU… “thanks for tipping me off to the flipbook frenzy. got me all fired up in many ways. most frustrating was not the criticism but the lack of constructivity in it! a major point missed...

December 03, 2006