New Photoshop Tool Further Threatens Non-Fiction Photography?

This is scary folks. While I’m a passionate believer in human innovation and moving ourselves forward through technology and its best applications, this is on the verge of too much. Look at this link, Content-Aware-Fill and doesn’t this force us to come up with stronger labeling of documentary and...

March 26, 2010

Jim Marshall: Legendary Rock Photographer Dies

Jim Marshall was a one of a kind character, rough around the edges but with a huge heart. He was a fighter, struggled with his addictions and stood up for what he believed in. Another great has passed on this week. He was there for the birth of Rock...

March 26, 2010

Fresh Look for Photo Students

For photo students anywhere in the world, here is an opportunity to get your work seen by many people. Check out this link and see where it takes you. Good luck!FreshLook

March 26, 2010

Media is Disappearing…What Are We Going to Do About It?

Yes, this is sobering but now the hard work is to figure out what comes next and how will we carry on the vital work of journalism, reporting and in depth storytelling. Make no mistake of this one fact; people want news, stories and information. Media Bloodbath

March 26, 2010

Madagascar Work Begins to Appear…

The Prix Pictet Commission for 2010 allowed me the privilege to produce a set of images on sustainable development in Madagascar. Some of the images have appeared online in The Guardian today. Please take a look. Madagascar

March 22, 2010

Sean O’Hagen Essay on Curse of the Black Gold

I almost feel like apologizing for the continued UK coverage of my recent visit to London and my work on the Niger Delta. Before you all start to get sick of this, please remember it’s about advocating for this issue and finding new ways, any way quite frankly, to...

March 22, 2010

Great Article in NYT Week in Review re: Power of Still Images

I am thrilled to see this article by Hank Klibanoff about the power of still photography, especially because it pays further tribute to Charles Moore, who passed away last week. Additionally, it mentions two very important people to me and to my profession and the world of new media,...

March 21, 2010

Ben Chesterton Writes about Photojournalism and Storytelling

Read this piece in Nieman Storyboard by Ben Chesterton about issues in photojournalism and storytelling….excellent!Nieman Storyboard

March 20, 2010

Podcast of Ed’s Interview at HOST Gallery

Ed has just finished an incredibly busy, but productive trip to England for lectures, workshops and gallery openings (remember, Ed’s exhibit will be open at HOST Gallery until April 3rd). All of these were thrilling and rewarding, especially being able to work with such brilliant collegues as Paul Lowe, Paul Collierand Dauda Garuba. We’re...

March 19, 2010

Niger Delta Watch is Live!

Following a successful pre-launch event this week in London I am pleased to announce Niger Delta Watch open for reports. They would like to now ask you all to become partners in this ground breaking initiative and to start to work with them by uploading reports and adding information...

March 18, 2010

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