Photojournalism and Democracy

On May 14, 2012, the NPPA submitted a letter to the US Copyright Office on behalf of its members and non-members in response to proposed fee increases for copyright registration. The letter includes a statement that reads “Photojournalism is and has been an integral part of our democracy (p....

May 29, 2012

STOP SEARCH – a new socially aware play

Ed has been shooting a project in Northern Europe recently and has had the pleasure of working with Rebekah Delsol who co-produced this important piece of theatre, Stop Search. ABOUT STOP SEARCH Black people are stopped and searched at 7 times the rate of white people – but what’s the story behind the...

May 16, 2012


Please join me in celebrating and supporting my wife and colleague, Julie Winokur’s, most recent project: BRING IT TO THE TABLE. Julie and her Talking Eyes Media team have recently launched a new kickstarter site to get this platform for a robust, healthy, and intelligent political dialog, off the...

May 10, 2012

London – Seminar + Portfolio Reviews

Join us —  VII Photographers —  May 22 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain for Frontline’s Photo Week seminar where you will find opportunities to ask questions and learn more about our work and the state of modern photojournalism. 9:00 Keynote address 9:30 The Creation of VII – The role of...

May 07, 2012

FREE seminar in Copenhagen

Bilder Nordic School of Photography, the largest photography school in Scandinavia, is expanding its reach to Copenhagen, beginning with a series of artists’ talks. Ed is pleased to be included as the first presenter with a talk that focuses on four areas of his career: the photo story, long...

May 02, 2012