June 13, 2012

As many of you know, my wife and colleague, Julie Winokur, is behind the illuminating project, “Bring It to the Table.” Julie and her Talking Eyes Media team are taking their table across the US to hear out the public and find the middle ground in our stormy political dialog. Do you feel that we are being force fed hyper-partisanism? Bring It to the Table is a video and web project that brings citizens together around issues that normally tear us apart. I accompanied Julie to Providence last week where “Bring It to the Table” taped folks at Netroots Nation.

DONATE TODAY! Julie has 5 days to reach her Kickstarter goal and in her words, “The bare minimum we need for our table tour is $30,000 for travel expenses for a four-person crew and costs related directly to initial production. Ultimately we’re aiming for $50,000 so we can complete post production on the webisodes and launch a robust outreach campaign.” Your donations, along with being TAX DEDUCTIBLE, also come with perks like…

2 tickets to see the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC…

…2 tickets to HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher…

of course, signed and editioned Ed Kashi prints. 

I appreciate your kindness and enthusiasm,


(photo credits: Julie Turkewitz)

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