March 24, 2014

VII Photo Agency has announced today the next group of photographers to “join it’s lauded VII Mentor Program, an education initiative launched in 2008 to provide professional development for emerging photographers whom VII consider to be amongst the brightest new talents in the industry.”

Photo©Ali Arkady

Chosen from 150 applicants the selected five photographers will each be mentored by a VII photographer for a period of two years. Over this time they will have the opportunity to “build and develop necessary skills, expand his or her own professional practice, and help broaden their professional world, such as building relationships with editors, publishers, and galleries.”

Photo©Poulomi Basu

The new mentees are as follows:

Poulomi Basu (India) – to be mentored by Stefano DeLuigi
Maika Elan (Vietnam) – to be mentored by John Stanmeyer
Ali Arkady (Iraq) – to be mentored by Ed Kashi
Arthur Bondar (Ukraine) – to be mentored by Donald Weber
Cristobal Olivares (Chile) – to be mentored by Christopher Morris

Photo©Maika Elan

Ed Kashi (VII) is quoted in the press release, “The VII Mentor Program is unique in that it offers an opportunity for photographers from all over the world – especially those from a majority of the world where photographic opportunities are much harder to find – to have access to expertise, experience and a platform to distribute their work worldwide with one of the most prestigious photo agencies in the world today.”

Photo©Arthur Bondar

Anastasia Taylor-Lind, a participant in the 2009 VII Mentor Program, now a full member of VII, is also quoted in the press release, “When I joined the Mentor Program in 2009 I was working part-time as a chiropractor’s receptionist to fund my documentary projects. I knew how to make pictures then, but not how to be a photographer. My mentor Ron Haviv taught me how to find my photographic voice and by the time I left two years later I was a fully fledged full-time photojournalist.”

Photos©Cristobal Olivares

“Poulomi and Maika will join the program immediately; Ali, Arthur and Cristobal will join June 1. The new photographers will eventually replace those currently in the Mentor Program, who include Gazi Nafis Ahmed (Bangladesh), Sim Chi Yin (China), Laura El-Tantawy (Egypt), Jost Franko (Slovenia) and Amanda Rivkin (USA).”

 Congratulations to the five talented new additions to the VII Mentor Program!

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