March 18, 2013

The day I first heard our country was going to war with Iraq is still so fresh in my mind – it seems like it could have been yesterday. In reality “yesterday” was ten years ago. Ten years of history have since been made, and ten years of history have been documented by many courageous photojournalists. Because these photographers were committed to recording the events of the war, we are all provided with a window to glimpse at the “evocative…horrors — and just occasionally, hope — they were able to chronicle.”  Jennifer Larsen, 22 (Studio Assistant)

Today, Time’s LightBox is featuring a compilation of images about the Iraq war, both there and at home, assembled from the past ten years. This poignant collection is an intense look into many perspectives from different points in the war. Experiencing these images captured by a variety of photojournalists, puts together for us a vivid and moving look into the past ten years of the Iraq War.

View these images and accompanying first-person accounts behind the photographs, “A Decade of War in Iraq: The Images That Moved Them Most” on LightBox.

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII_2005

By: Jennifer Larsen, 22 (Studio Assistant)

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