September 13, 2012

In part due to the recent droughts here in the U.S., food prices — beef, corn and soy products in particular — are expected to soar worldwide. Deputies from G20 finance ministries and central banks will meet later this month in Mexico City to discuss the ensuing crisis. As the population grows and global warming contributes to an increasingly erratic climate, innovative and practical solutions for famine and malnutrition will be even more critical than ever.

photo: Gideon Mendel

Friend and award-winning photographer, Gideon Mendel, for Concern Worldwide, captured the complexity of the ongoing battle against hunger in Kenya in a recent series run in The Guardian.  Small scale solutions like micro-irrigation are improving conditions by educating locals and equipping them with a targeted water supply for maintaining their own plots.

photo: Gideon Mendel

Four Stories about Hunger, is also being shown in an exhibition at the Guardian Gallery, Kings Place, London N1 thru September 20.

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