December 01, 2014


Today, The Alexia Foundation has announced the launch of “The Long Night,” their first ever Women’s Initiative Grant Project created by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm. “Set in Seattle, the work gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade. The project follows four people as they navigate this difficult world. A father searches for his daughter, a teenager struggles to break free of her drug addiction and the streets, a young girl tries to rebuild herself, and police officers try to help those trafficked break free.”

Aphrodite Tsairis, Alexia Foundation Co-Founder, is quoted, ” This collaborative effort between The Alexia Foundation, photographer Tim Matsui, and MediaStorm illustrates how photo stories can drive change. The heart wrenching stories of Natalie and Lisa will give voice to the thousands of entrapped American girls. It will educate law enforcement to arrest the perpetrators not the victims. It will serve as a teaching tool to help protect a generation of minors in our country.”

Matsui plans to take this project a step further by developing a curriculum for anyone who wants to further their understanding on this critically important issue.

Read more about the film and watch it here.

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