October 13, 2011

In 2010 Ed created an award winning series that documented the environmental crisis in Madagascar and the subsequent poverty and stress on the Malagasy people. Ed walked away from the project with a deep respect for  the people and their history of living in symbiosis with the land for centuries. It was only recently, with industrialization and modernization, that their ways of life are no longer sustaining a healthy above-poverty standard of living.

To make matters worse, Ed just got word that the region was hit with its second fire in a month. Approximately 640 people are displaced and homeless. The local government has run out of resources and cannot meet the needs of the victims right now. Azafady, the NGO that Ed was collaborating with for his shoot, has set up a system for you to help. Please visit their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/AzafadyMadagascar) for more details and a chance to give whatever you can. You can also text AZAF01 £XX (replace the XX with your donation amount in pounds) and send to 70070. Finally, you can visit Azafady’s website (http://www.madagascar.co.uk/) and submit a donation there (make a note that it is for the Amparihy appeal).

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