May 13, 2009

The upcoming June issue of National Georgraphic is a story I shot last year. This is an idea I had been wanting to pitch to NG for a few years and finally, with the help of writer Don Belt, was able to get the proposal approved. I am proud to have it on the cover of the magazine. I am also quite pleased to see that today’s New York Times has this same story on their front page. Albeit the peg is the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land, but it’s always fulfilling to do long term feature work that also hits a topical chord. Timing is everything in life.

Here is the NYT link from today’s paper: New York Times

Here is my cover image and opening spread in National Geographic:

If you want to see the full 22 page story in NG, please go to www.edkashi.com and click on Published link.

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