September 25, 2013

This summer the Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP) had embarked on a socially significant project to document the historic Zimbabwe elections of 2013. The group of photographers were dedicated to capturing not only the voting, but also the time leading up to, and following the elections. Creating a comprehensive visual story illuminating many issues plaguing Zimbabweans, “Before and Aftermath” is an important and unique body of work that has been created by African photographers.

As their project comes to a close, the images they created will be culminated in an exhibition to be installed in the Harare Gardens, behind the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. The photographs will be on display from October 3rd – 17th, with the opening reception at 6:00pm on October 3rd. Come out to see the work ZAFP produced, or support from afar by viewing their blog and sharing their story.

To see more visit the ZAFP blog, Inside Out Every Day.

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