April 01, 2013

Photo©2010_Ed Kashi/VII

Photography has a very special power to inspire change. Photojournalists documenting worldwide issues bring home new perspectives on other cultures and concerns. Spreading the word in a way that reaches people on another level is critical in catalyzing action for change.

Blue Earth is an organization that supports photography that makes a difference. Their mission is “to raise awareness about endangered cultures, threatened environments and social concerns through photography. By supporting the power of photographic storytelling, [Blue Earth] motivates society to make positive change.” Be that change in people’s opinions, actions, or policies, Blue Earth is helping to change things for the betterment of our world. Providing resources for photographers, sponsoring projects, and hosting events to spread the word are all part of what this organization does. From the fruits of their labors, Blue Earth has helped to raise almost a million dollars towards issues commonly “overlooked by traditional media.”

Next month, Blue Earth will be hosting the Collaborations for Cause event, on April 26-27th, at which Ed Kashi (VII) will be delivering the keynote address. This event will be an opportunity to start meaningful conversations between a variety of people striving for change. Furthermore, this event is also a fund raiser for the organization. The money raised goes towards keeping Blue Earth in operation and thereby supporting positive change through visual storytelling on imperative social and environmental issues.

Register for Collaborations for Cause to join the conversation on making a difference.

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