February 24, 2014

Vincent Cianni, photographer and Talking Eyes Media fiscal sponsee, is launching the publication of his book Gays in the Military (published by Daylight Books).

Photo©Vincent Cianni

Cianni’s Gays in the Military combines compelling photographs and interviews to create an important historical record of the struggles of gay and lesbian veterans and service members in the US military. ICP describes, “Dont Ask Don’t Tell” (and historically the ban against homosexuals) failed to protect the human rights of a significant portion of gay and lesbian military…This volume tells their stories.”

Photo©Vincent Cianni

The International Center of Photography (ICP) will host the book launch and signing event for Gays in the Military (along with other titles from Daylight Books), on March 7th at 6:00pm. Come out to the ICP Bookstore to join the celebration! You can also purchase the book, Gays in the Military by Vincent Cianni from Daylight Books Publishing.

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