October 16, 2014

Photo©Matt Black

Photo©Matt Black

Join Ed Kashi (VII) and Matt Black for a screening of their film “California: Paradise Burning” at the opening reception of Matt Black’s exhibition, The Dry Land at The Half King on November 11, 2014. “The Dry Land documents, in beautiful and stark pictures, the agricultural effects of the drought in California that is now entering its third year…Matt and Ed have focused mainly on people—workers and farmers both—who are the face of the drought’s worsening effects.”

“They say you don’t miss your water till your well runs dry, but the problem with California’s third worst drought in 106 years is that groundwater is where its farmers are going to supply 75% of its shortage–the state has 8 million acres of irrigated farmland. With reservoirs under 30% full (and forests tinderbox-dry), groundwater will only keep so many acres going—in fact, farmers are having to drill deeper and deeper for that, as aquifers are depleted. It’s not just the over $2 billion lost to the economy this year, it’s the over 17,000 individuals who have lost jobs and can’t feed their families or send money back home. Matt & Ed’s projects share a few of those stories.” – Anna Van Lenten

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