July 24, 2013

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With the 2013 National Senior Games underway, Ed Kashi’s Aging in America body of work is remembered by the “Fans in a Flashbulb” blog. Aging in America: The Years Ahead is a documentary project by Ed Kashi (VII) and Julie Winokur. Released in 2003, the project explores many aspects of aging and the elderly in our country. The series provides multiple vignettes to peer into the lives of America’s elders from a brand new perspective. “Through their stories, we laugh and cry as they celebrate their freedom, apply their wisdom, and suffer the consequences of their bodies’ limitations.”

Photo©1998_Ed Kashi/VII

In our daily lives we are confronted with stereotypes and preconceived ideas of just about everything, including getting older. With this in mind, Ed Kashi and Julie Winokur set out to document the culture surrounding aging over an eight year period, beginning in 1995. Julie Winokur is quoted, “America is a society in collective denial of aging. We appreciate vintage in wine, not people.” Determined to change the stigma and break down our assumptions about aging, the project manifested in a book and a film.

Photo©2000_Ed Kashi/VII

The senior olympic games is only one aspect in which our ideas are challenged through Aging in America. The duo documented many perceived unconventional activities including  the joyous wedding of an elderly couple, a spry 84-year-old Jiujitsu master, a wild senior rodeo, and the first-time campaign of a 76-year-old politician.

Photo©1998_Ed Kashi/VII

Challenge your perception on aging and see more from the project on the Talking Eyes Media website.

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