January 28, 2015

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

VII Photographers Ed Kashi and Ron Haviv are part of the new Instagram feed, @everydayclimatechange. Recently featured on National Geographic’s PROOF blog, the feed is populated by photographers from five different continents and showcases images that tell the story of how our world is effected by climate change, from many perspectives.

James Whitlow Delano, founder of the @everydayclimatechange feed, is quoted, “The main goal is to bring the concept that climate change isn’t just happening ‘over there’ but is something that affects the whole planet. The other goal is to bring this visual evidence through the eyes of some of the best photographers on the planet to a new audience beyond our little, cloistered photo world.”

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/1HdBxPU

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