October 07, 2014

Phyllis B. Dooney’s captivating series titled Collapsar was recently featured on Prison Photography. Dooney’s photographs tell the story of formerly incarcerated man D’Juan Collins as he reestablishes his place in society and as a father.



Dooney writes, “D’Juan Collins wants to be an active parent in his son Isaiah’s life. At the same time, D’Juan realizes that fatherhood, in the form of genuine leadership, nurturing and daily guidance, is a challenge for him. His three-quarter housing is not a fit home for his son. D’Juan needs more income than his job, selling tickets in Times Square, can amount to.” Isaiah has been stuck in the foster care system for over six years despite D’Juan’s efforts to place Isaiah with his biological grandmother.



“At present, D’Juan has non-custodial parental rights only. If he gets full custody back for himself or the boy’s paternal grandmother, D’Juan feels that at best he can make sure Isaiah does not feel abandoned by his biological family and will have the confidence and emotional security to succeed in life.” It is possible that the foster mother will be granted the court’s permission to adopt Isaiah. Because the courts lack the authority to order visitation for biological family, if custody is granted to the foster mother, D’Juan and his extended family may never see Isaiah again.



Read the full story and see more images from this compassionate piece of journalism by Phyllis B. Dooney here.

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