November 06, 2006

Subject: Beautiful Herbie!

What a great film about Herbie,so realistic and so emotional, we are in the middle of almost the same situation…….We are dividing the care for my father with caretakersorganisation here in the village and a lot of volunteers. He is still living in his own house 80 years old, he has no alzheimer but is almost blind, lost my mum and have a kidneyinsufficiencyproblem. With four children we are constantly searching for the balance between work, children, friends and taking care of our dad.

I think these kind of films must be shown often, so everybody could learn from it. More people getting older and less money goes to the care/healthorganisations here in this country!

Thank you for making this film, we are inspired by your work, thanks!! I will send the url to a lot of friends here in Holland.

Kind regards Esther Pennarts

Esther Pennarts photographer/filmmaker

Categories: Press