February 18, 2013

In the recent cascade of conversation revolving around mobile photography in the professional world, many different opinions have been voiced. Photographers embracing the new technology for what it’s worth, as well as those discouraged by the medium’s simplicity and accessibility have made their thoughts known. The subject has people talking, including multiple mentions on this blog.

In an interview with Ed Kashi (of VII Photo) conducted by Andre Hermann, Ed discusses some of the ups and downs to mobile photography based on his recent personal experiences. Addressing the volume of photographs in our society Ed Kashi is quoted, “we’re just creating, creating, creating, this tsunami of imagery,” and consequently, “each individual image alone might not have the same value.” However, this constant output is also what creates the draw. In a society so consumed with images, the ability to immediately communicate with an enormous audience is changing the way photojournalism effectively connects and impacts individuals as well as society.

The conversation touches on a wide variety of intriguing topics in the realm of mobile photography, including Ed’s personal commissions, changes in the industry, and the infamous Instagram terms of service debacle. Andre Hermann closes the interview with a statement that may quiet some concerns of professional photographers against the mobile photography movement. Ed agrees that although the accessibility of iPhoneography provides for virtually anyone to document life’s events, “the iPhone is not a magic key for everyone to become a photographer over night…in the end its still just a tool.”

Racing for a plane during the summer olympics at Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, NJ.  © Ed Kashi/VII

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