February 11, 2014

VII Photo Agency is partnering with Rustic Pathways to create a series of Summer programs for high school to college age students with a passion for photography.

VII has announced that renowned photojournalists Ed Kashi and Jessica Dimmock will be teaching a Rustic Pathways workshop in rural Costa Rica: The Maleku and Bribri Project from June 18 – July 3, 2014.

Spend 16 days immersing yourself in the culture of Costa Rica’s indigenous tribes – the Maleku and Bribri. Living alongside these groups, students will learn to “see in a new way by exploring the rich cultural and geographic backdrop of a longstanding tribal civilization.”

“Students will emerge from this educational expedition with valuable experience and a body of work that tells both a personal story of exploration and looks critically at the challenges and strengths of the surviving tribal communities who still live in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise.”

This expedition is limited to 16 students to ensure that the learning environment provides ample one-on-one mentoring, so be sure to apply today. Preference will be given to applications submitted before March 1, 2014.

View a detailed itinerary and course description on the Rustic Pathways website.

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