November 25, 2015




CreativeLive is starting Black Friday early! Now through Sunday, they are running a special to get 25% off ALL online classes! This includes the courses taught by VII Photo Agency photographers Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, and Ed Kashi.

Ron and Ed taught a class during CreativeLive’s photo week called “Visual Storytelling: Why We Shoot” to kick off a series of VII classes to take place on CreativeLive. “In this special session, Ron Haviv and Ed Kashi from VII will talk about what inspires and motivates them. VII is comprised of select group of professional photojournalists who share a commitment to compassionately documenting the people and the world around them. In “Visual Storytelling: Why We Shoot,” Ron and Ed will discuss how they use their cameras to try to affect change and the importance of bearing witness and broadcasting the work. Don’t miss the opportunity to join in a candid conversation about the work of photojournalists and the importance of shooting with integrity and honesty.”


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The next VII course to hit CreativeLive was Ashley Gilbertson’s course on street photography that aired recently. “Street photography requires a unique blend of gumption and skill. Find out how it is done in Street Photography: The Art of Photographing Strangers with VII Photo’s, Ashley Gilbertson. In this class, he’ll teach you how to get incredible shots using a variety of conventional and unconventional methods. You’ll get to watch Ashley at work on the streets of Seattle and experience his process in action. You’ll also learn about the moral and ethical frameworks that influence street photography and what motivates Ashley’s work. Street photography gives us powerful insights into the depth and complexity of the human experience. Learn about the process of creating it from one of the discipline’s most talented practitioners in Street Photography: The Art of Photographing Strangers with Ashley Gilbertson.”


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To find the photojournalism courses follow the link, click on the ‘Photo & Video’ channel, then click on the topic ‘Photojournalism’.
Check out the full catalog of courses on sale here: http://bit.ly/1POJGxW

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