February 09, 2010

If you are unfamiliar with socialdocumentary.net you should check them out. The consistent quality of their content and admirable effort goes above and beyond what one typically expects. This is why we’re excited about the upcoming exhibit next Tuesday that they and powerHouse Arena, one of our favorite galleries, are launching. The exhibit will directly address the Global Recession and how it has impacted our world with striking photographs and an educational panel discussion, featuring some of the world’s most qualified speakers on the subject.

It’s sometimes easy to think of the global recession as an abstract event, as a topic of discussion and not much more… especially when we’re insulated in a metropolitan area of a first world nation. This exhibit, the photographs and discussion, will attempt to bridge the disconnect many have from our global community.

To find out more please read this online announcement, and visit the powerHouse website. We hope to see you there, to foster a great discussion and launch an exhibit that will be as enriching as it is provocative.

Categories: Shout Outs