October 21, 2015



Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

The Crossing Borders Picture Fund has launched! This effort, spearheaded by Laura El-Tantawy, is a print auction to raise funds for the global migrant crisis. The auction will be live for two weeks only and will feature work by a wide range of photographers including VII members Ed Kashi and Sim Chi Yin. Participating photographers have each provided one print, the proceeds of which will go to an organization making meaningful changes in the lives of refugees and migrants around the world.


Photo©Sim Chi Yin/VII

“It is a reaction by a group of photographers to support families being uprooted from their homes in a desperate and urgent need for safety and a better life – many dying in the process of doing so. Historically speaking, there has never been such an influx of people crossing international borders in a struggle to survive in order to avert death. This is a not for profit effort to engage with photography on a different level and for a good cause. All money raised will go towards the printing of the images and raising money towards an organization helping refugees/migrants on a major and impactful scale.”

Buying a print will help to make a difference. Visit the Crossing Borders website for more info and to purchase prints!

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