May 28, 2015

Equality Betrayed, a free exhibition presented by the Open Society Foundations featuring Ed Kashi’s work on racial profiling will take place in La Place de la République, Paris from June 5 until July 12!


Adji Ahoudian, elected municipal © Ed Kashi/VII

The exhibit includes large format photos and texts that illustrate and explore the stories of individuals in France who have been singled out in police stop-and-searches because of their race or ethnicity. Ed Kashi photographed and interviewed numerous victims of racial profiling with the goal of publicizing the impact that this discrimination and humiliation has had on themselves, their community, and their sense of safety and trust towards the police.

Anthony Redman Thomas, London © Ed Kashi

Anthony Redman Thomas, London © Ed Kashi/VII

Anthony Redman Thomas, an editor in London states; “I think the impact of stop and search on communities is quite evident to see…certain people within communities would rather call the local hard man instead of calling the police.”

Designation of “second class citizen” suspects because of their appearance has led to intimate and public humiliation, fears shared by families and whole communities, a loss of confidence in the police, adverse consequences on security and public order, and more. This social problem threatens social cohesion, national identity, and the effectiveness of police.

Karen Chouhan Leichester, UK © Ed Kashi

Karen Chouhan Leichester, UK © Ed Kashi/VII

“If it’s normal for our young people…to have an invasion of their rights, to be stopped and searched when they’ve done nothing wrong, if that’s normalized, then what kind of a state are we living in?” states Karen Chouhan, a mother of Pakistani origin whose children have been profiled by UK police.

This exhibition examines these impacts through testimonies of those victimized by arbitrary police searches on a daily basis due to their physical appearance. These individual experiences reflect a much broader reality.

More information here.

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