April 22, 2013

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Last year, Ed Kashi (VII) collaborated with the Open Society Foundations (OSF) to address the issue of Ethnic Profiling in Europe. Police in the UK frequently use stop and search tactics in attempts to combat crime. The usage of stop and search methods has increased, however, the effectiveness has taken a downturn. Very often the people who are stopped by police are chosen based on their ethnicity. Statistics show that in England and Wales, “Black people are stopped at seven times the rate of White people. Asians are stopped at twice the rate of Whites.”


Photo©2012_Ed Kashi/VII


Ed Kashi and Will Cohen of OSF conducted interviews with nine people directly affected by this issue, and Ed additionally created dramatic environmental portraits in the locations where these “stop and frisks” often take place. This project seeks to address the impact on people’s attitudes, what inequality means and how it is affecting people’s lives and society as a whole. To read the full report visit the OSF website and see the corresponding video on youtube. Ed and Will also produced work on this issue in France and Holland, so stay tuned for those additional parts of their project.


Photo©2012_Ed Kashi/VII


The man in red pictured above is Nick Glynn. Glynn has been a police officer with Leicestershire Constabulary for over 20 years. While off duty, he has also repeatedly experienced ethnically driven stop and searches.

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