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Bring it to the Table on the Washington Post

March 9, 2017 - March 16, 2017

The Washington Post featured Bring it to the Table this morning on their site, bringing attention to the successful political engagement that becomes possible through civil discourse.

Julie Winokur started this project in 2012 when our son Eli challenged her intolerance of conservative beliefs. These efforts to revive civility have been increasingly more relevant in today’s politically divided America.

See the article here.


“I always saw this as the citizens’ antidote to politicians. It’s taboo to ask people about their politics, but after being on the road and having many, many people who want to share, they are much more rational and reasonable than we assume them to be,” Winokur said. “When you preface something as an opportunity to have a sober conversation where people can share what they believe, it’s amazing how many people are empowered to help other people with what they’ve experienced.”

In that spirit, during last year’s presidential election, she took her finished film project, Bring it to the Table, to college campuses around the country to spread her message about civil discourse. Since she’d embarked on her own self-discovery to understand the other side, the national political dialogue had further deteriorated.”


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