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Produce A Photographic Series: Workshop in Barcelona

March 15, 2020 - March 22, 2020

| €2300


Immersion workshop: to put oneself in a position of photographic residence

Mar 15 – Mar 22, 2020
8 days in Barcelona – 2400 €

Early Bird 2300 €
before Dec. 15th



* Learn how to create a new documentary series;

* Learn and improve how to build a documentary reportage by covering an editorial story;

* Refine storytelling and story composition by analyzing real-situation problems, images analysis, editing and captions writing;

* Discover your own visual language as well as practical and conceptual know how to confront real situation reportage making.

This workshop in full immersion with Ed Kashi aims at developing the aptitude of the participant to carry out a photography assignment in an institutional context. This experience will allow the participant to develop his/her capacity to produce a photographic work in a given location and throughout a given limited time period.



Eyes in Progress proposes a frame of a one week workshop. 9 participants will be placed in a situation of total immersion, in order to produce a photographic series, from inception to end, under the direction of a distinguished photographer.

Participants will be placed in a situation of « photographic residence ». Working days shall be spitted in various sessions: shootings, editing, masterclasses, commented projections of films and mutual exchanges on a daily basis.

Moreover, other activities will be proposed, outside of the working sessions, in order to allow participants to appropriate their environment and to arouse their creativity and inspiration.

These sessions will take place in a beautiful villa located in the neighborhood of Pedralbes in Barcelona, near by the city center (20 minutes walking and with local train).

You will be asked to adapt to a total immersion life, to take risks and to go beyond your limits, in order to progress and to get access to a higher level in your practice of photography.

No later than one month before the workshop, participants will be provided with a file. Among other information, you will find in this file a list of subjects and of contacts on site, to allow you to think about your project.



Day One (starting on Sunday, 7pm):

Welcome of participants on training site.
Preliminary presentations, each participant briefly introduces oneself to the group, introduction of the invited photographer.
Presentation by Eyes in Progress of the 7 days organization and of the pre-established projects.
Description and presentation of the local environment.
First exchanges related to the selected subjects and/or still subjects to further thinking.

Dinner at the Villa for the group.

Day 2 (Monday):
9:30am – 12:30pm
Each participant shows out one or two completed and published series. They will present themselves orally to the group (speech duration limited to 15 minutes).

1:30 – 3pm
Inception and starting of a photographer’s project
By illustrating his presentation with his own projects, Ed Kashi will explain how to make the best choice of the right angle of the subject – paying attention to one’s experience and to previous works. He will evoke environment related constraints and the way to take them into account to perform the work. He will provide the participants with key-factors and suggestions.

3 – 6pm
Every participant achieves an individual reconnaissance outdoor in order to identify some points and/or meet with potential subjects (appointments could have been arranged previously). As far as possible, they will start making some shots. The staff can help in arranging contacts or in making suggestions.

Back indoor, exchanges about the reconnaissance carried on and identified constraints. Final choice of projects with Ed Kashi.

Day 3 to Day 7 –Tuesday up to Saturday):
9:30 – 11pm
Every morning, Ed Kashi will make a presentation of one of his projects or of some significant aspect or his professional cursus. The goal of these sessions is to inspire the participants in the realization of their own series.

11 – 17am
Every trainee goes outdoors to shoot their subjects. Participants come back to the training facility as soon as they can, in order to get a critical review and improvement suggestions of Ed Kashi.
Editing of selected pictures session.
Through a selection and a discussion with Ed Kashi around the best pictures of the day, participants will work at developing their series and improving their global approach of the subject.

5 – 6pm
Exchanges in group on shooting and associated problems such as encountered. Synthesis and solutions, presented by Ed Kashi.

Day 8 (Sunday)
9:30 am – 1pm
Edition of the final portfolio.
Each participant works on the making up and the sequence of the final selection. He writes a text related to the series such as presented. The series and the associated wording shall be forwarded to a mentor of their choice.

2 – 4pm
Final screening that will be attended by all the people involved in the realization of the series.

Working language: English.


Eyes in Progress