January 08, 2015

On January 1, 2015 a coalition of photographers launched a collaborative Instagram feed: @everydayclimatechange. Founded by James Whitlow Delano, the project showcases images on the subject of climate change from the perspectives of almost three dozen photographers around the world including Ed Kashi (VII), Sara Terry, Peter DiCampo, Ron Haviv, and more.

In the first week of its launch, the @everydayclimatechange Instagram feed has amassed a following of over 1,700. The 50 posts to date cover a vast array of locations and issues relating to climate change. Delano is quoted in an article published on PDN Pulse, “I am looking for photographers who are able to see how local climate changes relate to the bigger, global picture…I love the way that the photographs tell us that we must all consider how to deal with these issues.”

Northern Nigeria

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

In a recent interview with Inside Climate News, participating photographer, Ed Kashi is quoted, “Climate change is such a loaded term, and the public dialogue is so disingenuous, so off the mark from the conversation we need to be having. Whether this project makes someone think about this more or spurs action, both are mini-victories that add up to systemic change. That’s what we need.”

Curse of the Black Gold: Oil in the Niger Delta

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

Climate change is a critically important issue for our world and all of us living in it. Opening the dialogue will not only increase awareness, but also help to catalyze change. Follow the @everydayclimatechange feed on Instagram and Everyday Climate Change on Facebook to learn more about the causes and effects of climate change on our world.

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