August 10, 2015

Photo by Ed Kashi/VII Photo: In an Ogoniland village in the Niger Delta, an unattended oil wellhead that had been leaking for weeks has turned into a raging inferno. This #environmentaldisaster effects the crops, water, and air for locals forcing farmers and fishermen out of work, amplifying tensions between locals and the oil companies. Oil fires like this one emit large amounts of carbons into the atmosphere, degrading air quality and contributing to #globalwarming. This is one example of the adverse impacts of resource extraction on our climate. #climatechange

EverydayClimateChange is an Instagram feed where photographers from all over the world, including Ed Kashi/ VII Photo, have posted images regarding climate change.  As these photographers are diverse and have different cultures, the assortment of images gathered reflects these varying perspectives. The photographs on this feed not only provide the viewers with something to be aesthetically admired, but also context relating the image to global climate change . The photographs chosen illustrate the causes and effects of everyday climate change,  and possible solutions on how to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases in the world.

Photo by Ed Kashi/ VII Photo: A logger cuts down a 300 foot tall Redwood tree that is 1000 years old in #RedwoodNationalPark in 1993. The region containing redwoods today is undergoing significant climate change and @savetheredwoods is studying these changes to figure out how to best help these magnificent trees survive. A video on their website states, “We want to be working with timber companies, we want to be working with the parks, other public agencies and concerned members of the public who want to help us make sure that we steward our redwoods through this intense period of change…if we understand what these plants need in their environment to survive we can help make sure that those conditions don’t change so drastically because of our own actions.” #redwoods

This feed will be presenting an exhibit curated by James Whitlow Delano at Photoville in the Dumbo section of New York under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. At this event, the audience will have the opportunity to see the visual evidence of how the world has been affected by human influence.

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