September 12, 2011

As mentioned in VII Magazine,  Ed Kashi’s show, “Eye Contact,” is open to the public at VII Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Please come the opening and listen to Ed and Stephen Mayes on Thurs, Sept 15th at 7pm.

VII Gallery
28 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY

“Eye Contact presents a collection of photographs normally rejected during the editing process because someone in the frame is looking straight into the camera. Since my goal is to erase the intangible line between documenter and documentee, I feel that direct eye contact ruins otherwise successful images. Representing a look back at my work through this unusual prism, Eye Contact also demonstrates how the public reacts to photographers. As a photojournalist, I have seen my presence elicit a myriad of emotions and actions including distrust, hostility, paranoia, fear, vanity, disgust, curiosity, and violence. Eye Contact puts the viewer, in a visceral way, into the shoes of the photographer who is constantly prodding and pushing against a world of reactions, much of the time a world of defenses. Maybe eye contact makes the viewer ask more questions.
In theatre they talk about “breaking the fourth wall”, that invisible line separating the actors from the audience. Eye Contact is not an idle intellectual exercise but a visceral response to what I experience as a photographer. Having worked throughout in the world for over 30 years, often feeling like an intruder repeatedly encountering harsh, suspicious stares, I find myself wondering, am I that threatening or is it just my camera?”


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