March 27, 2014

Published today by Fairfood International, an interview with Ed Kashi (VII) describes his experience photographing the sugarcane workers affected by Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin (CKDu) and their families. In 2013 Kashi traveled to Nicaragua, working with La Isla Foundation, to bring awareness to an epidemic that his killed thousands of Central Americans in the past 10 years.

Photo©2013_Ed Kashi/VII

“I want to create images that are true, powerful, and compelling that can bring a greater impact on the issue and the solution. My work can help raise awareness of this growing health issue in an industry whose product is consumed by nearly everyone on earth – sugar.”  -Ed Kashi

Photo©2013_Ed Kashi/VII

Ed Kashi is planning to return to Nicaragua soon to continue and expand on this project. Kashi is quoted, “I don’t feel that my work there is done. I want to create more still images, series of portraits, and above all I want to introduce the voices of these people,” in the form of video.

Photo©2013_Ed Kashi/VII

Fairfood International is a “non-profit organization advocating for a sustainable and fair global food system,” that continues to fight to for the solution of the CKDu epidemic. Fairfood maintains the  hope that with the joint efforts of all relevant stakeholders, the working conditions can be improved to protect the sugarcane workers, while preserving the economy and job market in affected communities.

Read the full article here.

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