January 29, 2015

I am very pleased to share some updates on my Island of Widows project, including the release of the film Undercane, a feature on Nat Geo’s Proof blog, and my return from my most recent trip to Nicaragua and expanding the project to El Salvador.



Photo©Ed Kashi/VII


National Geographic News has published the documentary film, Undercane, today online. After months of post production work by Talking Eyes Media, the 15-minute film was cut from 2014 footage and 2013 stills. In conjunction with the film release, National Geographic is featuring a selection of Instagram posts from my most recent trip to Central America. Accompanying the images, a brief interview with Nat Geo illuminates some of my experiences from this visit.



Photo©Ed Kashi/VII


Jason Glaser of La Isla Foundation (LIF) recently wrote, “How often do we get the chance to end an epidemic within a period of ten years? We believe that is precisely the extraordinary opportunity we have today.” In January I made my most recent trip to Central America with LIF to continue this body of work. I traveled to Nicaragua as well as El Salvador for the first time documenting sugarcane workers.



Photo©Ed Kashi/VII


Both countries are being ravaged by this epidemic, but at least in El Salvador there is positive progress in the works. A sugar cane mill, El Angel, has begun a three year pilot program started by Solidaridad and La Isla Foundation, who will oversee the implementation of the We Program, which emphasizes water, rest, and shade for the sugar cane workers.

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