October 06, 2014

Today on IndieGogo, Marc Asnin’s crowdfunding campaign for Final Words has launched! Please join in taking a stand against the death penalty. Together we can implement change and make a difference. Contribute to the campaign here.

In conjunction with the campaign launch, this important project was featured today on the New York Times Lens Blog, highlighting photographers that are getting involved in a big way. A social media component of the campaign, “Photographers Selfie Against the Death Penalty,” asks photographers to upload self-portraits explaining their opposition to capital punishment in 140 characters or less. This is part of a larger project, a book called Final Words, which compiles 517 final statements, mug shots, and convicted crime descriptions of Texas’ death row prisoners.

"It's an imperfect form of justice in both its means & ends, and the cruelty does not protect our society or advance human values." - Ed Kashi

“It’s an imperfect form of justice in both its means & ends, and the cruelty does not protect our society or advance human values.” – Ed Kashi

Participating VII Photographers include Ed Kashi, Sim Chi Yin, Gary Knight, Donald Weber, Stephanie Sinclair, Mentee Cristóbal Olivares and more. Join VII in taking a stand. “Final Words is a truly unique and compelling book featuring the last statements of the 517 people executed by the State of Texas since 1982. With each page, Final Words serves as an undeniable testament to the humanity at the center of the death penalty raising questions about this systematic and dehumanizing practice of state-sanctioned death.”

"Life itself can be unforgiving enough." - Sim Chi Yin

“Life itself can be unforgiving enough.” – Sim Chi Yin

Final Words is a call to action! Get involved and help to get this important book into the hands of the public. Together we can make a difference. Contribute to this campaign today, and spread the word with your #selfieagainstdeathpenalty. Your contribution will help get the Final Words book (and curriculum) into classrooms in the 32 states that still have the death penalty and further the reach by mounting a traveling exhibition by the Fall of 2015 that will include a multimedia projection. You can help make it happen!

"Killing was never the right answer to educate people." - Cristobal Olivares

“Killing was never the right answer to educate people.” – Cristobal Olivares


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