March 12, 2012

Photography has traditionally fallen into the category of art forms that is transmitted and passed down, person to person. The time honored tradition of apprentices and assistants is still alive and well and beyond that, here in New York, there is an abundance of opportunities to receive guidance from masters of today as part of a continuing education class or mentorship. If you live in New York and if you want to enrich your photography practice, if you are feeling stagnant in your career, or if you want to master new technology, there is a bevy of continuing education options. New York is home to some of the word’s leading photographers and many of them can be found in the curriculums around town, like the School of Visual Arts, Cooper Union and of course, ICP. Conversely, if you want to pass on your skills, it might be time to start teaching, a mutually beneficial arrangement that often results in inspiration for the teacher.

One such opportunity is to study with Lori Grinker, who will be teaching a two-weekend workshop here in NYC at ICP called The Photographer as Artist and Social Documentarian. Ed and Lori have been colleagues and friends for quite some time and when asked about Lori, Ed had this to say, “Lori’s work embodies the finest of both documentary and fine art photography, with a sensitive and fine eye for human emotion and visual detail. She is infinitely knowledgeable about photography, its uses and impact on the world, which makes her an inspiring and valuable teacher.”

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