March 20, 2014

Please vote for NGO Azafady’s “Project Miaro, South East Madagascar” to win £25k! It’s as simple as clicking the link, selecting “Project Miaro, South East Madagascar” (4th one from the top) and clicking “CAST YOUR VOTE” at the bottom of the page.

Photo©2010_Ed Kashi/VII

Why should you vote? The globally important environment of coastal community Sainte Luce is “threatened by deforestation through slash and burn agriculture, climate change, and mining activities. This locally-led project will plant 19,000 trees, supporting locals with alternative sources of timber, replanting endangered palm species, and maintaining firebreaks to protect endangered plant species and wildlife depending on them.”

Photo©2010_Ed Kashi/VII

This initiative is closely connected to a project Ed Kashi (VII) worked on with Azafady for the 2010 Prix Pictet Commission. “Project Miaro” is currently in 2nd place. Vote and spread the word to help Azafady win this contest on European Outdoor Conservation Association’s website. 

Please click here to vote and share!

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