January 08, 2008

It is with a full but sad heart that I must report the death of Herb Winokur. He died with his daughter and my wife, Julie Winokur, by his side. It was peaceful and perfect in the strange way that death can be. He had lived with us for nearly two years and in that time we have been enriched far beyond anything we could concieve. Besides the stories he allowed us to tell, which continues to touch people in many places, he also gave us personal gifts that will resonate past our lifetimes and into our children’s. He suffered from dementia and the fatigue of a long life. He was almost 85. We will miss him and already sense the deep hole in our lives that his passing has left. He was a gentle, sweet soul who left behind only friends. To observe this was inspiring and a life lesson of what happens when you create a trail of goodness in the wake of your life.

Here is an image of him two years ago, just after we had moved him into our home.

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