February 11, 2015


Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

Published today on the Huffington Post, an article by Nancy Farese (Founder of PhotoPhilanthropy) highlights a recent PhotoPhilanthropy workshop she led alongside Ed Kashi (VII) in India.

I like this guidance: “Never turn down an adventure without a good reason.”

The older we get, the more we seem to distance ourselves from the potential for real adventures. We insulate ourselves in our communities and in our social circles, and the chance for stepping into the fast lane of the unknown becomes increasingly uncomfortable and unlikely. However, adventures do come to us out of the blue, often unbidden and sometimes even unconsciously. And when we say “yes” to travel into the exotic, harsh and exciting, we are usually left feeling more alive than before.

Nancy recounts the group’s adventures photographing daily life in Kolkata and creating images with purpose for the organization, Landesa, in Bagdogra.

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