October 30, 2013

The Syrian Civil War has been raging since 2011, creating a refugee population of over 2 million. Fleeing their homes to escape the violence of war, these people have been seeking shelter in neighboring countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey.

Striving to create a stronger public connection with the situation, photographers David Gross and Mieke Strand have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of a multimedia eBook, Inside-Outside,  about Syrian refugees in Turkey. Combining photography with interviews and art therapy drawings from refugee children, they will create a free app that brings these issues home to a wide audience of iPad users.

“Ultimately, our project will combine both emotion and image, giving voices to the silent and faces to the lost.” Raising awareness about the refugee situation can help to bring funding to the relief agencies struggling to help those in need. Connecting individuals around the world with the plight of Syrian refugees can be a critical factor in alleviating the situation.

You can help! Visit the Kickstarter project page for Inside-Outside to learn more. Help to get this project funded by donating and spreading the word.

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