October 18, 2014


Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

Yesterday, Ed Kashi was featured on The Rights Exposure Project’s blog in a new segment called Three Strikes. Three Strikes is to be a regular feature where we corner practitioners and activists to ask them three questions about the use of visual media for good. To kick things off we have Ed Kashi, a board member at VII and co-founder of Talking Eyes Media.” In this blog entry Ed comments on his experience mentoring with the NYU Tisch School of Arts Human Rights & Photography program, the evolving digital media world, and his “Curse of the Black Gold” project.

Ed reflects on the audience impact and digital media, “To effect change through media, and in particular using visual storytelling, we now have a wealth of ways to make more engaging media, reach people and create a two way dialogue…This is empowering and something new.”

The Rights Exposure Project, lead by Rob Godden, was founded in 2009 “to explore the use of visual media in social activism….bring[ing] together a range of audio-visual professionals from around the world with local knowledge and international experience.”

Read the full interview here.

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