May 21, 2013

Photo©2012_Ed Kashi/VII

For some it’s the hot sun and cool, salty breeze of the Jersey Shore that brings summer to mind. For others, it’s the colorful image of the dozens of flavors of salt water taffy in waxy wrappers. Maybe for you the memories of long surrey rides down the wooden planks of the boardwalk set the mood of the season. For countless people the Jersey Shore is an iconic symbol of summer.

This summer much of the Jersey Shore will be newly reopened with activities in full swing for the first time after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The damages incurred and resilient nature of the people in the effected areas sets the stage for endless documentary possibilities.

In August, Ed Kashi will be teaching a VII Pop-Up Workshop, Jersey Shore in the Dog Days of Summer, aimed at photographing the Jersey Shore. Participants will independently research and develop their own story ideas to pursue for the duration or the workshop. The group will meet up August 10th to discuss their concepts and plans with Ed at VII Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Over a two week period participants will remain in contact with Ed throughout the process, until meeting again Sunday August 25 for a presentation and critique their work.

Take part in this opportunity to work closely with documentary  photographer, Ed Kashi, in  creating your own documentary project. Register by July 1 for the early bird special price!

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