December 31, 2014

“How often do we get the chance to end an epidemic within a period of ten years? We believe that is precisely the extraordinary opportunity we have today.”
La Isla Foundation (LIF)


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LIF is working to empower those hit hardest by CKDnT by “providing fresh water through building wells, protecting people through education of their legal rights, and investigating the cause of the disease.” Working hands-on with sugarcane workers in the field LIF has learned critically important information this past year, which will be used to improve working conditions, assess disease drivers, and gain further knowledge on disease prevention.

In a recent newsletter, Jason Glaser, Founder of La Isla Foundation writes, “All this work is done by an extremely dedicated staff who accomplish far more work than what is normally expected of full-time employees, and by interns and volunteers, sacrificing several months of their time for the cause. And yet, despite all the hard work, there are still more good ideas than there are funds to execute them. We believe that we can put an end to this epidemic. We are on the verge of ending this horrible silent killer. But it won’t come without the energy that we continually renew through supporting one another, as we drive forward every single day. It also won’t come without outside help from people like you. The support of our amazing donors has brought us so close to our goal of $2,500. We are 80% of the way there, which means we are only $500 away from closing out this year on an important high note.”

With your help La Isla has the power and potential to create positive change in the lives of those suffering from fatal chronic kidney disease in Central America. Please support this very worthy cause and help make an impact.

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