April 15, 2014

Photographer, Amanda Rivkin of the VII Mentor Program, has recently launched a sale of limited edition prints to help fund her ongoing projects. From the series, “Maidan Heroes,” the image below depicts Refat, a 19 year-old Ukranian soldier who was shot by a sniper in Kiev while trying to maintain a line of soldiers on February 20, 2014.

Refat recalls the day of his injury, “We had orders to stand in the line. In the morning, it was quite calm and silent and then the protesters started to attack and they threw a grenade and I walked away from there and then I felt a sniper’s bullet in my knee. It was the morning of February 20 and we were unarmed. I was standing with just a shield.” 

Rivkin’s series “Maidan Hereoes” honors “the survivors of snipers who shot at demonstrators in Maidan Square in central Kiev from February 18-20…The work is a meditation on the meaning of state power and an effort to listen to voices that were very close to being silenced.”

Help to support this project by purchasing a digital C-print of the above image. There are 3 different sizes, each available in editions of 20. For more information on how to purchase a print, visit Amanda Rivkin’s website. View more compelling images from the “Maidan Heroes” series here.

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