November 14, 2006

When Ed is traveling to exotic locales like Uganda, you can often find myself or someone else from our studio who will take on the mantle of the “official blog keeper” from time to time. I run the studio for Ed, I have been working with him since January 2005. Aside from the day to day operations of running the studio, I am also the Webmistress of the Edkashi.com site. If you haven’t seen our new site design yet, I highly recommend taking some quiet time to check it out soon!

I’ll be stopping by the blog occasionally to report the latest news on the homefront. In addition to myself, we hope to have contributions by Michael Curry, our digital guru. I’ll try to persuade Mike to reveal some of his magic to everyone, he’s saved us so many times and has deservedly earned the title “Hero” in the studio.

Lauren Rosenfeld works closely with Julie keeping Talking Eyes Media running smoothly. You’ll be seeing Lauren’s name popping up a bit lately! Lauren worked with Ed on the initial concept of his Iraqi Flipbook that is making news today (see the next post). Hopefully we will see Lauren posting here soon about the magic she works for Talking Eyes Media!

And that brings us to Julie Winokur, writer, director, producer extraordinaire! In addition to her creative talents, she is Ed’s beautiful wife and all around Mom, not just to their children, but to all of us! We’d be lost without her!

With that out of the way, stay tuned for more exciting news from Uganda and New Jersey!


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