July 16, 2015

i12/08/2014 -- Sinjar mountains, Iraq -- Runak Bapir Gherib, 14 y.o. from Shengar makes her way down the mountain after 7 days. She is with her mother and sister (in the back) waiting for a car to drive them away. She took the gun from Shengal to protect her family. YPG also gave weapons to the people who wanted to fight, but it has been impossible to verify whether this weapon was given to her by YPG or family members.

Runak Bapir Gherib, 14, descends Mt. Sinjar with her family. Photo by Zmnako Ismael. This week @metrography_iraq is featuring Zmnako Ismael’s story about the Yezidis who escaped from ISIS last summer by climbing Mt. Sinjar.

The first Iraqi photo agency, Metrography, known for high quality photographic storytelling from the best Iraqi and regional photographers, recently launched an Instagram feed entitled, @metrography_iraq! This feed posts photographs relating the various in-depth narratives that exist in Iraq and its outlying regions. Ed Kashi is also proud to have Ali Arkady, a founding photographer of Metrography, as a mentee in the VII Mentor Program. Follow @metrography_iraq on Instagram to view the captivating visuals of Iraq made by Iraqi photographers.

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