October 23, 2014

Award-winning documentary and commercial photographer David Goldman has launched a crowd-funding campaign to fund a photo/video project “document[ing] how the commoditization of the sugar industry has adversely affected the Indian migrant worker.”

Goldman will be traveling to India in November to complete this project. “As large sugarcane factories are polluting once fertile land, politicians are looking the other way while underpaid and maltreated workers are contracting illnesses like chronic kidney disease (CKD).”

Please support this important project as David accompanies migrant workers on their daily journeys to create awareness for this human rights issue.


Photo©David Goldman

“Knowing that at any given time at any place on this earth there are stories that can be shared that will inspire, inform and educate, my mission is to document and shed light on these stories. To me that is what being a photographer is all about. I welcome your support.” – David Goldman

Only 8 days remaining to reach the goal of $7,000! You can make a difference.

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