March 17, 2014

The International Journal of Media and Information Policy (MIPJ) was created to examine and ask crucial questions about the role of information as content…in international relations and humanitarian affairs, particularly during heightened needs in crisis, conflict, and disaster.”

The first issue of MIPJ published in 2012, “covered a wide swath of ground in acting as an introduction to various issues in the international sphere. [Each] subsequent edition, including this one dealing with Climate Change, Resource Conflict, and the Environment and Human Security, will examine a particular theme in international relations and humanitarian affairs.”

Cover photo by Sean Gallagher

The rich content of this edition will showcase an Interview with Robin Hammond, a photo feature on Syrian Refugees by Lynsey Addario, an excerpt from John Lundin’s “Journey to the Heart of the World,” and much more. The 2014 MIPJ is available in both print and digital. You can purchase your print copy of MIPJ 2014 from Amazon. You can also subscribe to the 2014 interactive digital edition.

In the introduction to the 2014 edition of MIPJ, Executive Editor, K.J. Wetherholt writes, “The unavoidable truth is, what we do to our planet and its systems, we do to ourselves. This is logic, and it is something we can no longer ignore.”

MIPJ is in partnership with NOOR, VII, FotoEvidence, MediaStorm, SocialDocumentary.net, the Center for Climate and Security, and the Byrd Polar Research Center.

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