November 13, 2014

Photo©Mary F. Calvert

Photo©Mary F. Calvert

The Alexia Foundation Women’s Initiative Grant winner for 2014 was Mary F. Calvert. Calvert is pursuing a project Missing in Action: Homeless Female Veterans. According to statistics, Female veterans are the largest growing segment of the homeless population in the US and are four times more likely to become homeless than civilian women.

Mary F. Calvert’s project on homeless female veterans in Los Angeles qualifies as the poster story for our mission statement,” says Alexia Foundation co-founder Aphrodite Tsairis. “The stark emotion evoked in her images promises to deliver the raw naked truth about a neglected segment in the military – the debilitating aftermath for abused women in the armed forces.”

In honor of Veteran’s Day this week, check out this incredible work that Calvert is doing to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness among women who have served our country.

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